Rain Collection Tips

Did you know that 1 mm of rain on a 1m2 area = 1 Litre of water and 25mm rain on a 1000m2 area = 25000Litres of water. How amazing is this!!!

Imagine how much free water you can collect from rain fall and store in Makoro tanks for future use for your  garden, your livestock and home usage. Just imagine how much money you can save from  collecting free water and less stress from times when there is no rain, your plants and your animals will not suffer and your harvest will be a fruitful one.

Did you know that 25mm of rain on 1 hectare = 25 000litres? This means that on an area of 1000 hectare, if you are getting 80mm of rain = 800 000litres x 1000 hectare = 800 000 000 litres of rain water. Just do the maths and see how incredible this is!!!

Did you know that flushing a toilet uses up to 6 litres of water per person, now if 3 people flush the toilet twice a day for 365 days they use (3x2x6x365) = 13 140 litres of water.

Don’t forget to always ensure that the gutters are cleaned of leaves and debris. Fine chicken mesh can be placed on the inside of the gutter, the down-pipe to stop some debris pending on placement of tanks.

Use Makoro tanks and collect rain water and thank us later!!!!!