About Us


Makoro Tank Technologies (PTY) LTD is a roto-moulding Company that was established in Makoro Village near Palapye in 2011 with the aim to be the best manufacturers of water tanks in Botswana. We are proud to say that 5 years later we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of water tanks and other products in Botswana. All our products are made with high quality materials using the latest modern roto-moulding technologies and machinery assuring you of the highest quality manufacturing standards from start to finish.

Our plant, located in Makoro Village, has over 2500 square meters. As we are growing we are still refining and further developing the roto-moulding process to allow the manufacturing of large and complex products that could never have been conceived in the previous generation. We are also proud to offer a manufacturing service which is equally state of the art. We uphold a strong commitment to our customers. With us you get High Quality yet Competitively Priced product that are Sustainable, Maintenance Free and Environmentally Friendly.

We take pride in our products and care about our customers, that is why we use the eco friendly 100% virgin materials that has got UV8 to manufacture our products. No recycled material is used in any of our products. The material used has got higher tensile strength and higher impact and puncture resistance. The compounded material used is better for stability and uniformity in strength and colour. Our tanks can withstand water temperature up to 50˚C.

Makoro Tanks offers a wide selection of products including water tanks, storage tanks, septic tanks, flower pots and farming products like water troughs and related accessories for both local and export markets. Each tank and product goes through very strict quality controls before it leaves the factory. Makoro Tanks would like the end user to have the knowledge that they are buying a superior product designed for the harsh Southern African weather and environmental conditions. Makoro Tanks are UV resistant for up to 8 Years. Makoro Tanks offers a wide selection of products including

  • water tanks
  • storage tanks
  • septic tanks
  • flower pots


We are proud members of the Association of Rotational Moulders of Southern Africa (ARMSA)